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… we’ve decided to move to a self-hosted wordpress site here. We’ll have the archive of this blog up here until the domain comes close to expiring, then we’ll transfer the domain to a site controlled by us. It’s not that WP are providing a bad service, but we’d rather have more control over our website, the themes &c. 

~Kerry for Plures 


[James] Autistic People Should…

This is part of the “Autistic People Should” flash-blogging project, in which autistic bloggers pair the words “autistic people should” with positive messages, as opposed to the hateful, discriminatory ones that are so commonly associated with autistic people within this society. The project was spurred on by an autistic blogger’s (Alyssa of Yes, That Too) observation that the phrase “autistic people should” typed into Google autocomplete caused multiple hateful messages to appear. In order to combat these stereotypes, she’s organized a flash-blogging project to allow people to combat these destructive messages and replace them with something more uplifting to our community. 

Autistic people should be treated with dignity and respect, rather than condescension, pity, and hatred.

Autistic people should be able to access services that recognize their basic humanity and make them part of the decision-making process, rather than robbing them of self-determination. 

Autistic people should live authentically and positively, without the forces of prejudice and hatred controlling their lives. 

Autistic people should have the right to be members of the broader community without ostracism for their variance.  

Autistic people should be embraced for their existence, rather than experiencing absolute rejection and death threats. 

Autistic people should have their emotions and reactions taken seriously

Autistic people should be seen as people, rather than the subhuman monsters that we’re often portrayed as by prejudiced, closed-minded people.